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Poppy Delevingne sure knows how to have a good time. So, it’s no surprise that the English model and Jo Malone London Girl has a top-notch playlist for frolicsome summer nights. As she says, ‘You couldn’t have a wild summer’s night without music – dancing barefoot and fancy free.’ Here are Poppy’s perfect tunes for getting you through to the morning light…

Lime in the Coconut – Harry Nilsson
Tarantino may have used this song for the end credits of Reservoir Dogs, but for Poppy this tune signifies the beginning of the action: ‘It’s making your first drink, having a light boogie and getting ready. It’s a gentle way into the night.’ By which she means popping the lime into your G&T, while the coconut water can wait till the following morning’s hangover.

Do I Wanna Know? – Arctic Monkeys
This tune is Poppy’s ‘confidence booster’, along with a spritz of Peony & Blush Suede Cologne which can ‘fill a room’. She’ll hear the opening chords and immediately be ‘hit by a little buzz of adrenaline.’ And then, she’s ready to make her entrance, because ‘you know you’re there, and you mean business.’ Fun business, FYI.

Sympathy for the Devil – Rolling Stones
So, says Poppy, the party is in full swing by now: the drinks are flowing, there’s a warm breeze and, it being summer, everyone is tanned, beautiful and raring to go. Then this song comes on… and that, says Poppy with a wide, wide grin, is when everyone goes for it, because ‘everybody can dance to this song, it’s intergenerational and if you’re sitting down, YOU GET UP!’

Fade Out Lines – The Avener, Phoebe Killdeer
This dreamy house track makes Poppy smile because ‘it’s the perfect song to end the night.’ She’ll put it on and ‘everyone will sing along, though no one knows the words.’ Then, her appetite for fun finally sated, she’ll slink home happy, contented and ready for bed, ‘the lyrics still a mystery.’

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