October 29, 2019
Christmas Countdown

We’ve all been there – agreed to host our friends’ festive gathering or the family feast on Christmas Day in a haze of good will, only to be left in a state of panic moments later that you’ve taken on too much. Fortunately, we have a few pearls of wisdom and timing tricks to circumvent the stress of throwing a Christmas dinner and to ensure that yours is a truly scented spectacular à la Jo Malone London.

We challenge you to find anyone who isn’t instantly
more beautiful by candlelight

  1. 3 weeks to go: Pick a theme. Might we suggest Magic & Mayhem? What could be better than conjuring up a touch of enchantment at Christmas time? Think wands as table favours, top hats and card tricks galore. A little dinner-table magic to truly dazzle. 

  2. 2 weeks to go: It’s time to send the invitations out. At Christmas, when being thoughtful is key, handwritten is the obvious choice. Guests will love that you have taken the time to put pen to paper just for them.

  3. 3 days to go: Get creative and draw up your party playlist. Our suggestion – go disco. What’s a glitzy celebration without a mirror-ball anthem or two?

  4. 1 day before: Vitamin E Body Treatment Scrub. Who said the host didn’t deserve a little me-time, and this is the ultimate indulgent party prep, that will leave you feeling both zen and perfectly polished.

  5. Morning of: Meal prep. Channel your inner chef and get cooking or ordering in. (Believe us no-one cares about the food when your table setting is so stunning.) But if you do fancy a fuss-free canapé or two, we’ve got you covered.

  6. 3 hours to go: The art of the tablescape: Gather your finest crockery and begin setting your dining table. The Magic & Mayhem theme means that things don’t have to match. Play with scale and textures. Set the mood by dimming the lights and filling the room with candles (scented, of course). We challenge you to find anyone who isn’t instantly more beautiful by candlelight. 

  7. 2 hours to go: It’s time to light the candles so their scent is perfectly diffused as your guests start to arrive. This welcoming fragrance will instantly transport them back to your party whenever they encounter it again.

  8. 1 hour to go: Raise the bar and start making the cocktails. An Orange Passion is the perfect scented sip.

  9. 20 mins to go: Final touches. Mist Lino Nel Vento Scent Surround Linen Spray on each napkin and guests will know that you’ve thought of everything.

  10. 5 mins to go: All that’s left is for you to spritz on your favourite cologne, take a deep breath and answer the door in a cloud of fragrance, safe in the knowledge that you’ve totally nailed Christmas party season.


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