Dalal AlDoub
I am currently in Al Shaheed Park in Kuwait City
Having coffee in one of the cafes after a walk with my friend around the park. It's the new tourist place to visit in Kuwait. It's so beautiful and modern.

Fragrance Combining™: I’m wearing
Peony & Blush Suede Cologne. First, I use the
body cream and then I spray cologne on my
neck and arms. This combination keeps me
fresh and ready for a full day of sightseeing. 
And everyone who meets me asks me what 
I’m wearing!


When I wear my fragrance combination,
everyone asks me what I’m wearing

My top five tips for things to do in
Kuwait City are:
1. Have a good meal in one of the many restaurants and cafes. Go for breakfast at Table Otto, Lunch at Brothers and Coffee and dessert at Three & Barista and then dinner at Fayrouzeyat
2. Walking in Kuwait City is one of my favourite things to do. Going around the old souq “Al-Mubarikiya” or cruising between the buildings. It’s really beautiful to walk and see some of the important buildings like the stock exchange building, the grand mosque, Al-Babtain Library for Arabic Poetry and Dickson House Cultural Centre. I can just walk around and revisit these places time and again. 
3. Every first Saturday of the month you have to make sure to visit Qout Market. It’s a seasonal artisanal farmers market. There’s a lot of Kuwaiti delicacies that you must try and it’s lovely to walk around. 
4. Make sure to check the Al Shaheed Park’s schedule. They organize a lot of cultural and artistic workshops from talks to shows and music concerts. You’re sure to find something you’re interested in. There’s also an information centre which tells you all about the history of Kuwait which is a must do. 
5. I love trying new food. Discovering new cuisines, food textures and flavours. “SoMu” in the Souq Mubarakiya is a place with lots of restaurants to try and discover. 


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