Rosie Fortescue

I am currently designing a few pieces for my new jewellery collection from the comfort of my London home. I light a Peony & Blush Suede Candle, get cosy and work through my ideas and thought patterns in a relaxed environment. It’s how I feel most inspired!

Fragrance Combining™: I love to combine my Jo Malone London Colognes together as it allows me to create the most heavenly combination that is personal to me. I start by lathering on my Tuberose Angelica Body Crème all over my body, then I spritz Peony & Blush Suede Cologne around my neck, on my wrists and the ends of my hair. The combination is feminine and delicate yet sensual at the same time. It’s a pairing I am never going to get bored of!

I light a Peony & Blush Suede Candle... and work through my ideas... It’s how I feel most inspired!

My top five tips for things to do in London are:

1. Columbia Road flower market on Sundays,to buy beautiful flowers for the week ahead. It’s my Sunday ritual, and the vibe and atmosphere there are not to be missed.

2. The Wolseley for breakfast has to be the best start to the day. The interiors are divine, and it’s forever been a tradition for my family on our birthdays.

3. There is nothing I love more on a Sunday afternoon than having a heaped bowl of Spaghetti Vongole at La Famiglia in Chelsea. It is my go-to comfort food after a busy weekend designing new pieces of jewellery!

4. Berners Tavern for dinner with friends is divine. The steak, and the mac ‘n’ cheese, are beyond incredible.

5. You can’t beat London in the summer months. I love cycling around Hyde Park, taking in the fresh air. If the weather is great (which occasionally it can be in London!) then taking a rowing boat out on the Serpentine is super-fun!

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