Turning the Tables

In London spring may well have officially sprung, but when the weather isn’t playing ball, why not take charge and welcome the season’s colours and scents indoors? We love nothing more than hosting, so inspired by the colour palette and flowers of our limited-edition Blossoms Collection, we’ve dressed our dining table in four ways to truly ring in spring.

The Frangipani Flower table
Perfect for:
A Sunday brunch that no one wants to end.
The set-up: Oh Frangipani, you intoxicating island temptress. You whisk us away to tropical beaches, warmth and tranquillity. The optimism spilling from your every petal proves the perfect muse for our table of dreams. Inspired by the Frangipani flower’s mesmerising pinwheel of yellow, we’ve gone all out sunshine, pairing abundant mimosa and golden tulips with pale-yellow napkins for a table that simply brings joy.
The fragrance combination: Frangipani Flower Cologne partners perfectly with midsummer favourite Honeysuckle & Davana Cologne. No scent could be sunnier.
The drink: A crisp white wine served in coupe glasses.

Inspired by our limited-edition
Blossoms Collection, we’ve dressed our dining
table to truly ring in spring.

The Star Magnolia table
Perfect for:
Impressing the guests.
The set-up: With the Star Magnolia’s family tree stretching back some 20 million years, it feels fair to crown it a classic. Its delicate fragrance and stellar looks make it the fail-safe dinner guest for occasions when you want to channel your best self. Flowers immediately take a table setting from zero to 100, so forego a tablecloth and interweave Star Magnolia (and other white flowers of your choice) with an excess of fresh green foliage, snaked across the table for real impact. Continue the contrast with seagreen napkins (spritzed with Lino Nel Vento Scent Surround TM Linen Spray, of course) and plain white crockery – a striking combination that appears effortless yet irresistible.  
The fragrance combination: Zesty Lime Basil & Mandarin Home Candles paired with fresh Star Magnolia Hair Mist creates an uplifting, flirtatious scent and an atmosphere that’s ideal for making eyes across the table.
The drink: An Apple Martini served in cut-crystal glasses.

The Orange Blossom table
Perfect for:
A night of nostalgia and mischief.
The set-up: Slightly innocent but wholly captivating, Orange Blossom’s delicate yet powerful scent evokes pure romance. It may seem timid on first impressions, but its scent is full of sparkle. We celebrate its more playful, daring side with an all-out colour explosion. Experimenting with scale, we juxtaposed its graceful white blossoms with billowing orange ranunculi and fresh oranges. The result: a wonderful  coloured ‘70s-inspired tablescape that’s sure to encourage wistful conversations and reminiscing. To fully commit to the theme, wear Orange Blossom Cologne and serve fondue for a true throwback feel.
The fragrance combination: Orange Blossom Home Candles teamed with Blackberry & Bay Home Candles will seamlessly add to the luminous and vibrant mood.
The drink: Keep it orange, alternating between Negronis and Aperol Spritzes.

The Silk Blossom table
Perfect for:
Lunch with all your favourite people.
The set-up: Silk Blossom is said to be irresistible to hummingbirds and butterflies, and now we’ve fallen for its pom-pom-like flowers and sweet scent, too. We’re truly tickled pink with our table-setting ode to Silk Blossom. Taking our cue from its vivid fan-like blooms, we’ve come over all romantic with an overtly feminine set-up that translates to an unadulterated bounty of pink, pink and more pink flowers. Enter peonies, ranunculi and roses in abundance – well if you’re going to do something you may as well do it properly. Carry the theme throughout the house with a Red Roses Diffuser in the hallway and a spritz or two of Peony & Blush Suede Cologne for the host.
The fragrance combination: Silk Blossom Cologne worn with Red Roses Cologne creates a romantic, modern floral with a touch of sparkle – the perfect basis for a get- together to remember.
The drink: Pink fizz

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