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In celebration of Jo Malone London Girl Karen Elson’s Birthstones collection, discover our guide to your birthstone and its meaning…


January – garnet

Said to symbolise faith, constancy and truth, garnets were often referred to as ‘guiding lights’, making them the perfect protective stone for curious minds born with the urge to travel the world. Those with birthdays in January are reputed to be ambitious and natural leaders, with a strong sense of compassion. They are also said to form strong friendships, have a will of iron and, when they set their mind to it, they are unstoppable.


February – amethyst

Some say amethyst wearers have a regal air about them. Those born in February are believed to have a spiritual, reflective side, which by no means suggests they are wallflowers. On the contrary, those who have the amethyst as their birthstone are said to have a sense of courage, compassion and humility, as well as great wit and an open heart. 


March – aquamarine

Aquamarines are believed to have calming properties that help maintain a clear mind during arguments and encourage communication. People born in March are often natural peacemakers. They are said to be trustworthy and fair, to have great integrity and to encourage a sense of honesty in others. Friends born in March will stick with you through thick and thin.


April – diamond

Brilliant and beautiful, ever-lasting commitment and intoxicating romance are the byline for the world’s most precious gem. It is believed that those with birthdays in April will be blessed with a long and prosperous life. Diamonds are said to reflect strength of character, resilience, an aptitude to love intensely and a great capacity for forgiveness.


May – emerald

It is said that those born in May, who have the emerald as their birthstone, know how to bring people together, and form long and unswervingly loyal relationships. Emeralds are believed to bring out patience, wisdom and happiness in all who wear them. The exquisite green is seen as a sign of the emerging spring, rebirth and the promise of wonderful things to come.


June – Alexandrite

Known as the ‘emerald by day, ruby by night’, this rare gem changes colour depending on the light. It is said to strengthen intuition and a love of romance, and with its capacity to alter appearance, to promote a feeling of appreciation for life’s ups and downs. Acceptance, self-love and a flourishing imagination are all characteristics associated with those who have birthdays in June, along with a grounding sense of purpose, self-discipline and a calm, healing energy.


July – ruby

This red precious stone symbolises love, passion, success and protection against danger. As a birthstone, the ruby represents a lust for life, determination and an unswerving commitment to achieve whatever you set your mind to. Often associated with the sun, rubies are said to help the wearer keep a clear head while making decisions and to encourage boundless confidence. Said to be fearless and self-sufficient, those born in July aren’t satisfied with resting on their laurels.


August – peridot

As a birthstone, the peridot is believed to bring prosperity, dignity and protection against bad dreams, thanks to its strong association with night-time. Those with birthdays in August are said to have exceptional eloquence, to know how to lift a mood with their brightness and warmth, and to have a gift for making friends. Peridot is a rejuvenating birthstone, positive and uplifting, bringing harmony, love and good fortune.


September – sapphire

Symbolising strength and wisdom, sapphires are said to help relieve stress and provide powerful protection. They represent purity and fidelity – the perfect birthstone for those born in September, who are known for their sincerity. While they may exercise caution when it comes to relationships, once September-born people have made their minds up, it will be hard to find a more devoted or trustworthy friend.


October – pink tourmaline

It is said that those with pink tourmaline as their birthstone have great empathy towards those around them. They are often very good listeners, who know how to keep a cool head in a challenging situation and bring about reconciliation between others. This rosy stone is said to encourage communication, self-awareness and a commitment to reaching goals. Pink tourmaline is what the most loyal of friends are made of.


November – citrine

This energetic sunshine-yellow stone is said to bestow a warm and positive outlook on life on those who call it their birthstone. It is believed to stimulate the capacity to overcome those problems that others would give up on, enhancing a sense of self-acceptance. Citrine is also thought to help release stress and negativity from the body, awakening a golden glow of natural enthusiasm, curiosity and creativity.


December – zircon

As a birthstone, zircon is believed to help lift weary winter spirits with its brilliant azure colour. Those born in December can benefit from the protection it’s said to provide against illness and negative energy, and it is also said to help them to bring out a natural warmth in others. Representing dignity and integrity, people with zircon as their birthstone are said to be ambitious, with a natural charm that often sees them achieve great success in life. Rarely do they shy away from the spotlight, instead they prefer to hold centre stage and entertain their adoring friends.

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