John Boyega in 10 questionS

Get to know critically acclaimed British actor John Boyega, the first Jo Malone London Gent.


1. If your life was a perfume bottle what would it be called?
Conflict and success. A new Boyega line.


2. Last emoji you used?
The one that looks like a scrunched-up face, it was to my sister.


3. Go to Karaoke song?
Whitney Houston, Saving all my love for you. I go in on that.


4. Favourite book?
Half of the Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

5. If you weren’t an actor what would you like to do?
I’d be an architect.


6. Do you play an instrument?
Yes. I play the drums.


7. What do you miss most about London when you’re away?
Sometimes I miss the weather, because sometimes I want to put on a jacket and not always be surrounded by blue skies. I miss the moody faces! I cant lie, there’s something about the reality of it that I like. I just miss the city, I miss home.


8. Favourite smell?
I do like an oud. I like it when you mix it with something sweeter.


9. Who is the last person you called?
My mum. Wow, that is so sad and sweet at the same time.


10. Favourite sound?
Rain. I play the sound of rainfall as I go to bed.


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