November 1, 2019
30 Seconds...with Amber Le Bon

Name: Amber Le Bon

Home is: Battersea

How do you take your tea? Strong Assam with enough milk to turn it a caramel colour

Favourite smell? The scent of cobblestones on my street when it’s raining

Fruity or floral? Neither. I’m much more of an amber-y, musk-y vanilla kind of girl

Naughty or nice? Naughty forever!

Cosy place? The library in my parent’s house. It had the piano and guitars in there too and when you put the fire on it’s the cosiest room in the world.

The best thing to do by candlelight is… play cards! There’s not much that beats beating your family by candlelight.

If you could share a bath with anyone it would be my sisters Saffron and Tallulah because A) it would have to be a really big bath and who doesn’t love one of those?  B) I never laugh as much with anyone else as when I’m with them.  

My go to song to sing in the bath/shower is: The Girl from Ipanema. I love Bossa Nova and I listen to Brazilian music whilst I’m waking up and getting ready.

If I was to give a present ‘just because’, it would be… my baby nephew Taro just because… he has quite literally stolen all of my love and I am obsessed with him.

The best thing about London is: When all the apple and cherry blossoms in the spring. It’s my favourite.  

What makes someone a Londoner? Having a constant mistrust of the route a black cab is taking and always thinking they are taking you the long way!

What’s the world’s most compelling combination: Sushi & Sake  

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