30 seconds with… Jack Guinness

Name: Jack Guinness

Home is… London – born and raised. 

How do you take your tea? I don’t drink tea and it’s for such an evil reason. Growing up in my house, if you had a cup of tea then you had to make one for everyone. That’s why I decided not to drink tea – so I’d never have to make one for someone else!

Favourite smell? Clean sheets. I only get to smell that scent once in a while, so I treasure it.

Fruity or floral? Floral. 

Naughty or nice? Nice. ‘Naughty’ is such a creepy word, especially when used to describe an adult. Being nice is extremely underrated.

Where is your cosy place? My bed (even though I don’t wash the sheets often enough).

The best thing to do by candlelight is… everything; it’s very forgiving. 

If you could share a bath with anyone it would be…  no one because baths are where I go to escape from everyone.

My go-to song to sing in the bath/shower is: Wicked Game by Chris Isaak. It’s a belter.

If you were to give someone a present ‘just because’ it would sister or my mum, just because they never treat themselves.

The best thing about London is… the people. London is so diverse – it’s the thing I miss most when I’m away. Plus Londoners are the funniest people in the world. 

What makes someone a Londoner? If you spend 70 per cent of your earnings on rent, and your retirement plan consists of ‘winning the lottery’, then you’re a Londoner. 

What’s the world’s most compelling combination? It’s fish and chips.

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