October 1, 2019
30 Seconds...with Poppy Delevingne

Name: Poppy Delevingne

Home is: Wherever James is…

How do you take your tea? Caffeine free and leave the bag in. Chamomile is my absolute favourite.

Favourite smell? Cigars

Fruity or floral? Floral

Naughty or nice? Naughty

Cosy place? My bath in the countryside. It’s pink and big enough that I can practically swim in it.

The best thing to do by candlelight is… play truth or dare

If you could share a bath with anyone it would be Cara and Chloe… because we’ve done it since we were babies and still do to this day.

My go to song to sing in the bath/shower is: Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon

If I was to give a present ‘just because’, it would be… Beyoncé just because… she’s Beyoncé.

The best thing about London is: Grumpy taxi drivers and sausages and mash. Oh and Pints. The size of my head.

What makes someone a Londoner? Having a good sense of humour

What’s the world’s most compelling combination: Velvet Rose & Oud and Blackberry & Bay.

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