A Delicious Combination

Matt on Ella

A blind date set up by your parents might not be the most modern and daring start to a love story but that’s exactly how Matthew and Ella Mill’s romance began. ‘Ella’s dad put us in touch because of a mutual business interest. I finally asked her out after “business meeting” number three.’ Four months later came the proposal, as did the dog, Austin (a cocker spaniel with his own Instagram account). Maybe dads really do know best.


‘What I love about Ella is that she’s incredibly bold, brave and loving. She’s a risk-taker, while being incredibly loyal and trustworthy,’ Matt explains. He made the leap from boyfriend to business partner, joining Deliciously Ella in 2015, and together they have made it their personal crusade to champion plant-based eating through recipe books, products and Deliciously Ella Delis.


But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all whisking, chopping and kneading. Matt is quick to point out that he doesn’t cook. In fact, he didn’t even own a chopping board until he met Ella. 

Part of the fun of cooking
is experimenting and not
thinking too hard.

Ella on Matt

Ella has always been set on breaking the mould. She managed her illness (Postural Tachycardia Syndrome) through diet, which inspired her blog, and she explores the unexpected with unusual flavour combinations. ‘I love being experimental when I’m cooking and changing people’s mind-sets about food. We did that with sweet potato brownies. People were reluctant to try them at first but it’s now our most popular recipe.’


Self-confessedly impulsive, Ella claims that Matt is a calming influence on her. ‘The first time I met Matt, I thought this guy has it all figured out.’ 


According to Ella, anyone can cook (even her husband if he dared to give it a go). ‘You just have to try. Part of the fun of cooking is experimenting and not thinking too hard.’ And that’s the exact premise of Jo Malone London’s Fragrance Combining™, where you write your own recipe. So take a dash of Matt’s preference for fresh, subtle and citrusy scents and mix it with Ella’s love of florals – rose, in particular – and you have yourself a compelling combination. Red Roses and Earl Grey & Cucumber Colognes combine to create a clear floral scent with a soft honeyed base.   

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