A few of my favourite things…

Name: Erin O’Connor

Home is… glorious south London.

How do you take your tea? With cake and exhalations.

Favourite smell? My sleepy son and geraniums.

Fruity or floral? Why fruity, of course.

Naughty or nice? Naughty in a nice way.

Where is your cosy place? Inside a glass of wine with my big sis present.

What’s the best thing to do by candlelight? Snog.

If you could share a bath with anyone, it would be… a miracle. My elongated frame has rather limited companion access.

My go-to song to sing in the bath/shower is… I’m partial to any Karen Carpenter tune.

If you were to give someone a ‘just because’ present, it would be… my dad, who is the spitting image of Santa… just because they… need to be celebrated not just at Christmas.

The best thing about London is… its sense of rebellion steeped in tradition.

What makes someone a Londoner? Someone who comes home.

What’s the world’s most compelling combination? Night and day. 

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