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‘For me, fragrance is like music; I’m creating symphonies while reinterpreting nature,’ says Mathilde Bijaoui, the ‘nose’ behind English Fields – a harvest of five limited-edition Jo Malone London fragrances celebrating the sun-warmed richness of the English landscape. 
A native of France, Mathilde immersed herself in the British countryside to really inhabit the disorder and glorious imperfection of the rolling pastures that inspired this collection. ‘I loved this project, as I was able to interpret something new,’ she says. ‘I had no preconceptions – it was all about discovery.’ And when a research trip involves visits to bakeries and compulsory tasting sessions, well, someone’s got to do it. 
 ‘This is a totally new territory for fragrance – making cereals and coarse ingredients refined and delicate,’ she says. The inclusion of wild flowers in each of the five scents adds an elegant touch and a burst of colour. ‘I always visualise scent with colour,’ says Mathilde. ‘So the introduction of florals helped create a colour palette that ensured – although each fragrance works alone – there is also a coherence between them and the established Jo Malone London fragrances.’ Try Primrose & Rye with Blackberry & Bay for a fruity floral fragrance with a tart juiciness and start your own love affair.

Tradition, refinement,

delicacy and a daring touch. 

These qualities abound in the

English Fields Collection.

Each English Fields scent has its own distinct personality with a sophisticated edge. Poppy & Barley is rich and alive with colour, with a powdery note of musk. Primrose & Rye is filled with sunshine. Oat & Cornflower is warm and delicious. Honey & Crocus is sweet with a mouth-watering effect, while Green Wheat & Meadowsweet is crisp and fresh.

Mathilde struggles to pick a favourite. ‘I like them for different reasons. It’s like choosing between children… but if I’m pushed my choice is Oat & Cornflower because of its addictive quality,’ she says. ‘When I work with Jo Malone London, I keep a few words in mind: tradition, refinement, delicacy and a daring touch. These qualities abound in the English Fields Collection.’

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