A Harvest From the Hive

It’s time to give bees the recognition they deserve. After all, heroic honey, as celebrated in our mouth-watering fragrance Honey & Crocus, is one of nature’s great wonders. In talking to bee whisperer Camilla Goddard, we are preaching to the converted – her life is one long hive of activity.


Camilla was given a beehive one Christmas and it proved to be love at first sight. She now manages 70 hives across London, including the rooftop colonies at Ham Yard Hotel in Soho. ‘There is so much regional variation with honey, even just within London. You often get a minty taste with honey taken from hives near lime trees, which is lovely. In the parks, you get honey with a chestnutty flavour.’


It’s this complexity of taste that makes honey akin to wine; it holds delicate intricacies to discover and enjoy. The honey used in Jo Malone London’s Honey & Crocus Cologne is carefully selected so as it wasn’t too waxy or sticky in fact it’s closer to the smell of fresh hay. ‘It’s very uplifting, bright and sweet,’ says Camilla. ‘And with the crocus being a favourite flower among bees – I’m sure they would approve!’

Camilla’s buzz about bees
• The bee’s work ethic should be applauded. The average bee can fly up to five miles a day and only naps intermittently. 
• Bee life is rather democratic. Each colony makes collective decisions about where to forage for nectar for the day, and this is communicated by something called the waggle dance, which tells their hive-mates the distance and direction of nearby sources. 
• Block planting encourages pollination, as bees tend to make separate journeys for each type of plant. If you want to attract buzzing visitors, think about year-round flowering. Plants such as crocuses are great in spring and then flowering ivy at the end of the year. 
• Single flowers rule for bees. Plants with double florals (that is, extra petals) can prove troublesome when it comes to accessing the nectar. 
• Bees are purple fanatics. They show no interest in the Pantone colour of the year. Purple is their colour of choice season after season. 
Photography by Patrick O’Brien.

Honey, as celebrated in our

mouth-watering fragrance Honey & Crocus,

is one of nature’s great wonders’

Photography by Patrick O’Brien.

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