A Creative Combination
If Edward Scissorhands and the Chelsea Flower Show had a love child, the result wouldn’t be too dissimilar to the House of Hackney’s aesthetic. Frieda and Javvy are the married couple behind the slightly bonkers but brilliant interiors brand and credit one another’s unorthodox approach to problem-solving for their success. 
Think maximalism and then go bigger. Take bold florals and add chintzy stripes and a menagerie of whimsical animal prints, mix in gothic undertones and add a pinch of British eccentricity. Every inch of their East London home (the walls, the floors, the ceilings – the lot) has been given the House of Hackney treatment. Everything they design must pass their own litmus test – if they wouldn’t love it in their own home, it doesn’t make the cut. 
Frieda and Javvy began their achingly cool interior brand seven years ago in their kitchen in Hackney. Frieda explains: ‘We had just bought a Victorian home and had lived through a decade of stark minimalism. We wanted to bring back the grandeur, and add print and colour to our home, and we struggled to find it.’ The solution? Do it themselves, and make nature their muse.
‘Not everyone has outdoor space, so it’s amazing that we have the opportunity to bring greenery and plants inside – to create sanctuaries for people’s homes. We find that scent really helps to do that, too. We match wallpapers naturally to scent. Our Palmeral print is very fresh; it has a certain splash. Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne is very Palmeral.’  
 ‘Fun’ is how Javvy and Frieda describe one another, and that transcends into their designs and their whole philosophy. Javvy credits Hackney for instilling this free-spirited attitude. ‘In Hackney, anything seems possible; it’s open and accepting – how life should be. It’s all about the fusion of different cultures, and it’s exciting and colourful. It’s a community of creatives and that’s massively inspiring.’ 
British craftsmanship is something the couple take very seriously, as do we at Jo Malone London. They spent the first year of House of Hackney driving round in a van, touring British manufacturers because, as Javvy explains, ‘there’s nothing more luxurious than Made in England. We work with incredible artisans who have passed skills down through the generations. There’s something incredible about that, and you can see it in the finished articles – the quality is better, it will last longer.’

We match wallpapers naturally to scent.

Our Palmeral print is very fresh;

it has a certain splash

Balancing beautiful design with an element of wit is something Javvy and Frieda do with ease, although Javvy admits that ‘sometimes we have very different visions, but there’s usually a harmony to it. Our best ideas have always been a sum of both of us.’ This better-together attitude even applies to their Jo Malone London scent selections – Dark Amber & Ginger Lily for Javvy because ‘it’s masculine and feminine all at the same time’ and Red Roses for Frieda. ‘I want a scent to transport me somewhere. Red Roses takes me to Morocco, with those Turkish delight tones.’ Together, they create a clean woody fragrance with rosy overtones. 

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