Ode to Cologne
His posts have attracted thousands of comments, and his 1.7 million (and counting) Instagram followers hang on his every word, yet poet R M Drake remains a figure in the shadows.


Despite being content to bare his soul through the written word, he actively seeks a level of anonymity, shying away from publicity while simultaneously posting heart-wrenchingly honest poems through the surprising medium of Instagram. This juxtaposition has won him favour with high-profile followers, who often repost his love-themed literary works. He's managed to re-enthuse people about the art of poetry in the most unexpected of places; among Instagram's holiday snaps and selfies, R M Drake's beautiful and sometimes harrowing words demand centre stage.


It's this break from tradition and unique approach to social media that made us take notice. With an ever-present affinity to love, R M Drake is our valentine's poet of choice. Exploring the link between romance, poetry and the scent of attraction, R M Drake pens an ode to fragrance, especially for Jo Malone London.


Among Instagram’s

holiday snaps and

selfies, R M Drake’s 

beautiful words 

demand centre stage

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