November 1, 2019
All Eyes on Yuja

On the southern coast of Korea, a curious-looking citrus fruit grows. Reminiscent of a small, bumpy grapefruit, the yuja (also known as the yuzu), is a slow grower, sometimes taking a decade to appear on the branches of its tree. And yet, it’s worth the wait because this is a citrus fruit like no other.


It is said that the yuja fruit came to Korea during the Tang dynasty, when a merchant lost his shipment of yuja trees during a storm at sea. All that remained were some seeds in his pocket, which, once he reached Korean shores, fell out and germinated.


The yuja fruit is an anomaly within the citrus family. Unlike its cousins, who love to bask in the heat, yujas don’t mind the cold and can grow in temperatures reach below zero, ripening as autumn turns to winter. They are rich in vitamin C and as they grow at this time of year, they are the go-to remedy for colds in this part of the world. Yuja-fruit marmalade is mixed with hot water for a natural remedy, and adding slices of the fruit to a steaming bath was once thought to prevent colds all the way through winter.

The yuja’s scent is strong, zesty and bright, like a lime,

lemon and grapefruit combined

In spite of its hibernal habits, yuja can’t help but conjure up the essence of spring. Its scent is strong, zesty and bright, like a lime, lemon and grapefruit combined. As one might imagine, chefs all over the world adore its highly complex and intricate flavour, and how it adds the fizziness of sherbet without the tartness of its citrus relations, to every recipe it features in. In the bustling busy city of Seoul you can find Yuja in recipes wherever you turn.


We have matched the mouth-watering yuja fruit with notes of green mandarin, clary sage and lavender as part of our Blossoms Collection, capturing the freshness of early morning spring, when the dew sits lightly on the grass, and the air is bright and crisp. An addictive and juicy Spring time scent

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