A Carnival of Scent

Sometimes ingredients come along that insist on being revered – and these are the ones we like the most. Mark Twain once called it ‘the most delicious fruit known to men’. Botanist Thaddäus Haenke said it was a ‘masterpiece of nature’. If there were such a thing as a tropical fruits’ greatest hits, the cherimoya would be the entire playlist.


Native to the high Andean valleys of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, it’s said that while the cherimoya can’t stand snow, it does like to see it in the distance. In fact, the name means ‘cold seeds’ in the local Quechan language. Its flavour has been described as a mixture of papaya, peach, strawberry, banana and pear. It’s all your favourite fruits mixed together like a pre-prepared smoothie in one perfectly blended package. Succulent, creamy and mouthwatering.

The cherimoya is all your favourite fruits…

in one perfectly blended package.

Delicate and highly perishable, it doesn’t like to be kept waiting. It will need to find its way into your hungry hands pretty sharpish for you to experience it at its best. The Bolivians like to shake the fruit to tell if it’s ripe, listening out for the sound of loose seeds. And if it yields to the touch, then you know it’s time to tuck into the succulent flesh.


Beneath the pale-green reptilian-looking skin, the flesh is soft and custardy (that’s why it’s sometimes known as the custard apple). The Peruvians simply eat it with a spoon – a healthy treat of extraordinary deliciousness, packed with vitamin C and antioxidants – but avoid eating the seeds and skin.


So it would be rude not to give this South American star top billing for our fruit-inspired Blossom Cologne, Tropical Cherimoya Cologne. At Jo Malone London, we’ve combined the scent of cherimoya with juicy pear, creamy tonka bean, zesty bergamot and warming notes of passion flower and Brazilian copahu resin. The result? A cologne redolent of the colours of carnival, heat rising from the streets, the sound of waves lapping on Copacabana. Light, fresh, vibrant and completely delectable. You’ll smell good enough to eat. 

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