Davana the Devine

The English daisy has a glamorous cousin, whose name is davana. This aromatic herb originates from southern India, where it has long been grown in people’s gardens, thanks to its delicate fragrance. In the wild, it can be found springing up near sandalwood trees, attracting butterflies, which are fond of settling on its feathery leaves before they tuck in for a feast.

Davana’s sweet, fruity and even faintly woody

scent is a perfect match for the full spectrum of

fragrances that honeysuckle brings

Davana has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.. Its role in religious traditions goes back just as far, with its blossoms hung on altars in daily rituals to Lord Shiva, the Hindu God of Transformation, perhaps as a token of recognition for its therapeutic qualities.

The plant is harvested when it’s in full bloom in the heat of late summer and left to dry for a week. The prized essential oil is then extracted using steam distillation. Its scent is sweet, fruity and, possibly, even faintly woody. An undeniably perfect match for the full spectrum of fragrances that honeysuckle brings – fresh, light, rich and nectarous, all at once.

It also has a little trick up its sleeve that no one quite understands. Apply davana to the skin and it will smell different from person to person. This magical mystery means it is beloved by perfumers the world over. It will adapt itself to you and become as unique as you are. As we, at Jo Malone London, have discovered, with Honeysuckle & Davana Cologne, you are the other wondrous ingredient in this fragrance. If that’s not alchemy, then we don’t know what is.

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