Fragrant Friends

The beauty of a fragrance is in its infinite possibilities. Even a spritz of a single scent will offer all manner of outcomes, depending on whose skin it settles on, always giving you your own unique take. And then there’s Fragrance Combining™, which we at Jo Malone London are particularly fond of, as it opens up all kinds of potentially magical worlds. All you need to do is get playful, or take heed of our scented pairings for the season incorporating our new Blossoms Collection.

A combination for adventure: Frangipani Flower and Wild Bluebell
The radiance of Frangipani Flower, full of the warmth of island life, is the perfect partner for the delicate dewiness of Wild Bluebell. This is where the Tropics meet the English woodland, creating a light floral fragrance that combines the luminous touch of bluebells with the solar sweetness of frangipani. A feast of floral freshness.

Even a spritz of a single scent will offer
all manner of outcomes, depending
on whose skin it settles on’

A combination of deliciousness: Orange Blossom and Blackberry & Bay
This is a grown-up take on the feminine softness of Orange Blossom, thanks to the sparkling and aromatic bite of Blackberry & Bay gliding through the sweetness. These treasures of nature bring out the best in each other to produce a fragrance that is luminous, fruity and positively zinging with juicy vibrancy.

A combination for reinvention: Star Magnolia and Lime Basil & Mandarin
Take one legendary fragrance and introduce it to a rising star. The positively addictive Lime Basil & Mandarin tantalises flirtatious Star Magnolia with its peppery floral notes. The result is in an unexpectedly explosive love affair of zesty citrus and the uplifting scent of spring.

A combination for star-crossed lovers: Silk Blossom and English Pear & Freesia
Silk Blossom’s delicate subtlety is a joyful apricot-fresh temptation to the golden coolness of English Pear & Freesia. It’s the marriage between a beautiful princess of Asia and an arrestingly charming English aristocrat. This is a celebration of delectable juiciness and that famous season of mist and mellow fruitfulness.

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