Heady Heights

Heavenly scented hair is nothing short of Shakespearean. It’s fairy queen Titania waking up on the ‘bank where the wild thyme blows’, her hair laced with the delicate fragrance of luscious woodbine and sweet musk roses. Caught on the breeze, it’s not easily forgotten.

Scenting your hair is an altogether subtler and more intriguing way of wearing fragrance. In fact, we have been scenting our locks for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians concluded that while wearing flowers in your hair looked pretty and smelled divine, blending plant resins and petals with fat to produce a solid ointment created a scent that lasted longer. They would wear these cones of waxy concoctions on their heads, letting them melt to release the aromatic fragrance. Native Americans used a similar method, adding plants such as mint and bergamot to the blended oils they used to condition their hair, as did the ancient Greeks, who bought their perfumed hair wax in pretty pots from the market. Wigs scented with powders and pomades became hugely popular in the 1700s, and were traditionally infused with things like orange flowers, nutmeg and orris root. They might have made the wigs heavier, but such is the price of smelling like an angel.

Scenting your hair is an altogether subtler
way of wearing fragrance

At Jo Malone London, we’ve fallen back in love with the romance of hair scenting with our new specially blended hair mists in Star Magnolia and Orange Blossom. An indulgent treat in time for wedding season, they leave behind a delicate wake of fragrance and a lasting impression. It’s what will keep you feeling like the queen of the fairies any time, day or night.

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