In the Limelight

Vivid green, fragrant and sharp, this explosion of citrus is a child of Indonesia and Southeast Asia, only migrating to the Mediterranean region about a thousand years ago. Smaller and sweeter than its sensible older sister, the lemon, the lime has been flavouring food and cleansing palates for centuries.

British sailors in the 1800s consumed these vitamin C powerhouses to ward off scurvy, which is why they were known as ‘limeys’. The lime comes in different varieties, each with its own particular characteristics and uses. With its distinctive flavour, the Key lime is, of course, the headline act in Florida’s famous Key lime pie. The tiny Australian desert lime is good for making marmalade or sorbet. Kaffir lime, with its glossy, aromatic leaves, is a perennial ingredient in Thai cooking. And, in spite of its thick rind and seed-packed flesh, the juice of the sweet lime, also known as ‘mosambi’, is the delicious detoxifying drink of choice in northeast India.

Lime is piquant and refreshing… we defy you not

to lose your heart to this tiny green goddess

Zesty lime is the streak of clean, zingy lightning that cuts through the richness of Vietnamese and Mexican food, offering a welcome flash of freshness. The Mexicans also love it salted, pickled or as a chutney. Well, when you find an ingredient you can’t get enough of, why not use it to satisfy your every whim? Limes are here to please.

From May to September, the lime trees produce their tiny, fragrant star-shaped flowers along with their verdant fruit. It’s an all-round redolent affair, with the limes producing an essential oil that is crisp and citrusy. We, at Jo Malone London, are so taken by the delicate and divine lime we’ve honoured it in our Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne, it’s piquant and refreshing like nothing else. We defy you not to lose your heart to this tiny green goddess.

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