A Scent of the shore

Sea salt is nature’s act of genius, an asset so precious, so essential to life that we wouldn’t survive without it. Salt is a powerful multitasker. In sea water, its alleged healing capabilities are countless – soothing our aching muscles, and treating our skin. Sea salt is also used to preserve and flavour our food. This may sound like a love letter to the marine mineral – and it is.

Sea salt is the thoroughbred of all salts. It is the saltiest tasting salt of them all, with its own distinctive flavour. Formed when the sun evaporates sea water in shallow ponds or bays, salt crystals appear like miniature jewels. Bewitched by its powers, we have been trying to get our hands on as much of it as possible since prehistoric times.

Sea salt is nature’s act of genius, an asset so

essential to life that we wouldn’t survive without it

Thanks to its miraculous ability to preserve, by extracting moisture from its surroundings, the ancient Egyptians harnessed its power for medicines, in their dyes, as religious offerings and, of course, to dry out bodies before mummification. You knew it was coming.

Sea salt was so highly valued in Roman times that it made up part of a soldier’s pay – it’s where the word ‘salary’ comes from, while ‘salad’ comes from the Romans salting their leafy greens.

Sea salt is here to bring out the best of everything it comes into contact with – Sage, in our instance in our Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne. The Sea salt accord works to transport you to a windswept shore to balance, to compliment, to enliven with images of waves breaking. Lively. Spirited. Joyful.  A pretty magnanimous act for the god of the sea.

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