Spring Awakenings

As we trudge out of the darkness and chill of winter, the sudden eruption of a haze of coloured petals heralds spring like nothing else. Breathtaking in its beauty, but bittersweet in its brevity, blossom season marks a moment of charmed optimism and promises of warmer times to come.

At Jo Malone London, we are so enamoured of the blossoms’ fleeting beauty that we are celebrate our our adoration each year with The Blossom Collection – a festivity  of an otherworldly realm steeped in colour, where blossoms burst through like beams of light. Not only are we bringing back our much loved Silk Blossom and Star Magnolia Colognes, but we have also fallen for the charms of the radiant frangipani flower. Master perfumer Marie Salamagne, the nose behind our new blossom fragrance, Frangipani Flower, explains what makes its scent so luminous.

The Blossoms Collection captures
the transience of short-lived,
blossom-scattered spring days

The frangipani flower isn’t your typical blossom; it has a sense of strength and brightness compared to the fragility and gentle hues of the better-known cherry blossom. ‘I fell in love with frangipani during my travels in Bali and India,’  Salamagne says. ‘At first, it was the striking look of the blossom that transfixed me’  – a captivating pinwheel of beautiful white petals and a bright yellow centre. ‘But frangipani’s scent transports you to exotic places; it’s creamy and sweet with a sunny atmosphere. I think, initially, you assume that the scent of the frangipani flower is quite heavy. But we wanted to bring out its freshness, so we added notes of lemon and jasmine petal notes on top to create a light and dewy effect. We balanced the frangipani with a ylang-ylang heart note to enhance the exotic feel. It has made for the most joyful scent.’

Like all Jo Malone London fragrances Frangipani Flower evolves and adapts when combined. ‘I love it with Red Roses as it really emphasises the Frangipani Flower’s dewy notes,’ Salamagne says. ‘It combines the poetry of the English garden with the spirit of far-flung adventures, creating a beautifully floral yet slightly mysterious scent. Or, when I want to lift Frangipani Flower, I combine it with Orange Blossom Hair Mist for a sparkling effect that to me is pure happiness.’

The Blossoms Collection is all about capturing the transience of those short-lived, blossom-scattered spring days. After all, why should all good things come to an end?

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