November 1, 2019
Wild Beauty

A dewy and delicate light floral scent. we wanted our Wild Bluebell Cologne to capture the flowers’ fresh, earthy sweetness, layered with a delicate dewiness, and to summon that mood of spring whatever the season. The British love of bluebells is a romance that will last for lifetimes to come. From mid-April, something wondrous begins to happen in the depths of English woodlands. Lured up towards the sun by song, bluebells come to life. Spilling out beneath the trees like a royal-blue carpet, they are the promise of spring fulfilled – a magical reawakening that never fails to cast a spell over you. It is this fleeting appearance of floral hope that was the inspiration behind our Wild Bluebell scent.

Top notes: Bluebell
Heart notes: Persimmon
Base notes: White Musk

How To Layer:
Forget flora and fauna, we’re ardent advocates of flora and flora. Try pairing with the English Pear & Freesia Hair Mist for an all-over scent that is at once fresh, luscious and dewy with wild flowers.

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