Karen Wazen

I am currently sitting on the couch in my living room after having put all the kids to sleep... this is my

happy hour :) It’s my me time where I have uninterrupted moments of browsing, reading, researching,

getting inspired, connecting with my family in Beirut, my hometown, which I love and miss when I’m away.

Fragrance Combining™: I’m wearing a

combination of Wild Bluebell and Basil &

Neroli. I love the mix between both scents.

They are both quite fresh and together are very

feminine and long lasting. The way I combine

them is by using first the Basil and Neroli Body

Crème on my body and then I spray Wild

Bluebell Cologne lightly over it. The perfect



I love to wear a combination of 

Wild Bluebell with Basil & Neroli. 

I love the mixture, they’re both fresh

and create a feminine scent.

My top five tips for things to do in Beirut are:


1. Do not miss out on the cultural sites... there are some real gems to discover when wondering round towns like Byblos , Beit ed-Dine and the caves of Jeita Grotto.


2. Relax by the beach in the summer with amazing food and vibes. My favourite chill out spot is Madame Bleu Beach Resort.  


3. We have the most amazing sunsets in Lebanon. A great place to catch one is at Iris Beiru - a rooftop bar in the city.


4. Bar hop in the neighbourhood Mar Mikhael, there are so many cute authentic local bars it’s where you’ll experience a real Beirut-style evening.


5. Eat good Lebanese food! A couple of my favourite restaurants are Al Sultan Ibrahim for amazing seafood and Mounir

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