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Fleeting Beauty

The fragrant story of the fragile peony

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Fleeting Beauty

Was there ever a flower that could enchant like this one? ‘Roses as big as cabbages,’ was how Marco Polo described peonies when he first came across them on his travels. You can’t help but fall under the spell of their slow reveal from tiny globe to the opulent, dense layering of a prima ballerina’s tutu and ruffles of delicate petals. Sumptuous, billowing, fragile and fragrant, peonies are pure romance. The declaration of the heart’s desire. An eternal favourite at British weddings, there is nothing quiet about their feelings on the subject. They are said to symbolise a happy marriage. Love that lasts a lifetime for all to see. All this from such a gentle giant (the flowers can grow up to 10 inches, you know). It’s enough to make you want to create a divine cologne out of them to encourage a perpetual state of bliss.

Well, here’s a coincidence – that’s exactly what we’ve done, hopeless romantics that we are. Peony & Blush Suede has notes of juicy red apple, hypnotic jasmine, rose and gillyflower blended with sensuous blush suede for a clean, fresh softness. One spritz and you’ll be transformed to an English garden at twilight, listening to the low hum of bumblebees and the lazy chat of birds. The scent from the flourishing flowers starts to rise, while your love reads aloud to you as you lie in the grass watching the sky. It’s a bottle of perfect days like these – where love emerges from everything around you and fills the air with its sweet, mysterious magic.

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