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Daydream In Colour

Bask in spring sunshine on exotic shores with a colourful new Blossoms collection.

Yellow Hibiscus Cologne

A beaming light floral scent inspired
by the exotic yellow hibiscus.

Beaming, Exotic, Juicy

Tasting Notes

Red Hibiscus Cologne Intense

An intense solar floral scent inspired by the
vivid red hibiscus.

Solar, Exotic, Vivid

Tasting Notes

Frangipani Flower Cologne

A radiant floral scent inspired by the solar
warmth of the frangipani flower.

Solar, Radiant, Sweet

Tasting Notes

Nashi Blossom Cologne

A playful light floral scent inspired by the
pristine blossom and juicy fruit of the nashi

Playful, Radiant, Efflorescent

Tasting Notes

Silk Blossom Diffuser

Set a joyful mood at home with nature’s
tempting blooms. Provides scent for approximately
3-4 months.

Tempting, Joyful, Apricot-fresh

Nectarine Blossom &
Honey Body Mist

A lightweight Body Mist infused with the
playful scent of Nectarine Blossom & Honey.

Succulent, Sweet, Playful

Tasting Notes

How To Pair

Our recommendations for pairing your favourite Blossom scent.

Our Blossom fragrances are often inspired by white or pastel-hued flowers, so with hibiscus we had the chance to work with something bold and colourful.

Celine Roux
Global Head of Fragrance

A Sun-Drenched Blossoms

The Secrets Of The Red Hibiscus

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